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Season extended
Due to the numerous rainouts we've had this season we have decided to extend the season by two weeks. The season will now end on Nov 18. 

With the weather forcast somewhat better than it has been, we hope to get the remainder of the games in.

Schedules updated
The Fall '16 game schedules have been updated to reflect the season extension. To see your team's game schedule click here or on the Teams & Schedules link in the menu to the left.











Field Status

Peterson Park: OPEN
Lake Bonny Park: OPEN

Note: Central Florida weather is unpredictable and therefore field status can change from one moment to the next. If the weather is uncertain, please make plans to show up at the park. Final field status is determined by league officials and City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation Dept. personnel.

Today's Games

Friday, October 28, 2016
Peterson Park
Tee Ball
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Tampa Bay Rays: 5:30 PM,  Field 2
Houston Astros vs Miami Marlins: 5:30 PM,  Field 3
Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers: 5:30 PM,  Field 4
Minor League
Oakland A's vs Tampa Bay Rays: 7:00 PM,  Field 1
Miami Marlins vs Houston Astros: 7:00 PM,  Field 2
Texas Rangers vs Chicago White Sox: 7:00 PM,  Field 3
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigers: 7:00 PM,  Field 4
Lake Bonny Park
Junior League
Chicago White Sox vs Texas Rangers: 6:30 PM,  Field 1
Detroit Tigers vs Miami Marlins: 6:30 PM,  Field 2