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Online Lakeland City Baseball Volunteer Application
(only for Lakeland City Baseball volunteers)

Welcome to Lakeland City Baseball's online Volunteer registration. We've created this procedure in response to the overwhelming amount of adults wishing to offer their time and efforts to make our league better, and as a way to make more efficient the processing of the applications of those wishing to volunteer. We thank each and every one! That said...

To be approved all applicants must provide the following information every year and undergo a background check. Everyone applying to be a volunteer will undergo a background check.

ALL volunteers are required to have a CDC "Head's Up Concussion in Youth Sports" training certificate on file with us.

(For more details on why we collect this information, what we do with it and how we protect it please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section of our Volunteer home page.)

Prior to the start of the season we'll have a Volunteer badge distribution day for approved volunteers where we'll ask to see your driver license (or other valid government-issued photo ID) so we may scan it and retain a copy. We will also need a copy of your CDC concussion training certificate on file. Once we have both of these items we will present you with your badge.

(First, middle, last)
(Number, then street name.
No P.O. Boxes please)
Address 2:
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Business phone:
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Cell phone:
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Email Address:
Date of birth:
Social Security Number:

Special professional training, skills, hobbies:

Community affiliations:
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Previous volunteer experience:
(including Lakeland City Baseball and years)

Do you have children in the program?
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If yes, list name and league level:

Special certification:
(CPR, medical, etc.)

Do you have a valid Driver License? Yes No
Driver License number:
Driver License state: